University Of Northampton set to spend £13 million on new Leather department at Waterside complex.

Photo Credit: Canva, Maya Wenden

The Universities new £350 million Waterside complex set to open in 2018 will host home to an International leather centre.

Including teaching facilities and laborites specialising in the leather industry after the deal was set at the Borough Council planning meeting.

The agreement is set to cost £13 million, practising in the inventiveness and ingenious properties of Leather.

Set to be parked on Angel street as the building company Vulcan works development enclose the current project with concerns surrounding the scheme’s ‘financial jeopardy’, has meant the development is to be moved otherwise.

What do we know about the industry of leather in Northampton and why have the Borough Council invested into this business for postgraduates?

Northamptonshire on a whole has over 900 years’ worth of knowledge and production in the Leather industry and the renowned shoe industry. The shoe and boot museum, available to all the public located in the ‘Cultural Quarter’ on Guildhall road looks at the shoe and leather industry with classical shoes refined from the 18th century.

We also know that Northampton was a famous and poignant moment in history was accommodating over 70 million soldiers and workers with specialist shoes for World War 1.Across

Northampton, you can see signs on Buildings remarking the industries and dedicated work in Leather and Shoe making.

Photo Capturing Barrats Boot work.
Photo Credit: Maya Wenden

Procedures for the proposal have been stated to will aim to produce “technical expertise in education, training, research, conservation, and consultancy to support the worldwide leather industry.”

It is apparent the current The University’s Institute of Creative Leather Technologies (ICLT) is focused at Park Campus. However is due to be relocated.

A spokesman for the University of Northampton said: “A number of proposals have been explored, which included a town centre conversion option, but this project was not deemed value for money and could not be delivered within the University’s required timescales”.

“We are now exploring the provision of a new build International Leather Centre as part of the University’s new Waterside Campus, which will accommodate the ICLT and its partners and enable ongoing integration with other University faculties.”

As a result of the failed deal back in November, Northampton Borough Council is now seeking further European funding to supply a more engaging workspace, training and facilities. This is open for business as well as managing a higher success rate for both the university and Graduate jobs.



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