American involved in Northants teenager crash not entitled to Diplomatic Immunity Harry Dunn was killed in a crash outside RAF Croughton last year

The American wanted for causing the death of Northampton teenager Harry Dunn was never entitled to Diplomatic Immunity, the High Court has heard.

The nineteen year-old died when his motorbike collided with a car near RAF Croughton, Northampton on 27th August last year. The car was allegedly driving on the wrong side of the road.

The driver, Anne Sacoolas, fled to the United States claiming Diplomatic Immunity. Diplomatic immunity ensures accredited diplomats cannot be put on trial.

Mrs Sacoolas was charged with death by dangerous driving in December but a request for her to return was denied in January.

Yesterday the parents’ lawyer, Sam Wordsworth told the High Court that “she was not immune with respect to the criminal proceedings at issue in this case”.

Mrs Sacoolas was a former CIA agent and wife of Jonathan Sacoolas, who worked as Technical Director at the base.

The family of Harry Dunn met with President Donald Trump in October last year.

Despite offering condolences, President Trump has refused to return Mrs Sacoolas to the UK. Instead the President has urged the family to meet Mrs Sacoolas on her own terms which they were not willing to do.

However, the election of Joe Biden as the new president of America gives the family new found hope.

The family believe that the former Vice President will side with them in their fight for justice for their late son because of his past experiences.

He lost his first wife Neila and 13-month-year old daughter Naomi, in a crash one week before Christmas in 1972.


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