Take a walk through Northampton and see what it has to offer YOU

It is a cold and windy Thursday afternoon in Northampton. The national lockdown has moved into its second week and the town centre is looking different!

Use this time to explore the scenery around Northampton. Maybe take a walk through Becketts Park and eye up the surrounding nature?

The Park’s river is a sight to behold, especially on cold days like this. Perhaps take a stroll and visit with a close friend or partner?

But remember! Take care of yourself with the right COVID precautions.

Here are some photos taken around Northampton. Some detail the beautiful environment, and others show everyday life.


Becketts Park bridge overlooking the river

The river that separates the University from neighbouring areas
University of Northampton with the afternoon sky overhead
Take a stroll through the nature and take in your surroundings
Look at the nature that surrounds you
Some businesses have closed due to lockdown
And finally, remember to keep your health in check

These are some troubling times around the world. But you can still have fun around! Walk through the town with your friends and family, but remember to stay safe.


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