Coronavirus: Hairstylists are affected by PAKS Hair and Beauty Cosmetic being closed

The rise of Coronavirus outbreak has affected hairstylist from getting products from PAKS, but there is an increase in PAKS Cosmetic’s online sales. As the Coronavirus outbreak keep rising globally, hair and beauty shops are still closed. PAKS shops being closed have affected many people including hairstylists. A student at the University of Northampton and Freelance hairstylist Danielle Jones […]

Coronavirus: Government need to cater to black people’s hair needs

What is really an essential business? The impact Coronavirus has had on Black people hair texture? The difference between Black, Asian and Caucasian hair texture? Why are mainstream shops opened but black hair shops are closed? As the coronavirus outbreak keep rising globally, many shops has closed including: Some hair and beauty shops. The maintenance […]

Coronavirus: Key workers deserve more

 According to NHS Digital today, the numbers of NHS worker in the UK have increased by 1.5 per cent (17,900) since 2016. There has been debate on social media about key workers needing to be given access, to free parking space. The UK government released a statement explaining: “Councils will set up local arrangements so […]

Northants Coronavirus Patients Struggled to Contact Family

Northamptonshire couple blame poor mobile phones Sally and David AbelPensioner vloggers Sally and David Abel said they were struggling to contact their family. The Northants couple are in hospital in Japan, being treated for the coronavirus. They claimed their mobile phone provider Three Networks had failed them at the crucial moment. Mr Abel said: “This […]

Is St James retail park going downhill?

St James retail park hasn’t updated the information on its website in the past 2 years. St James retail park has a total of 14 stores, 2 of the stores; Toys r us and Mothercare has shut down in the past 2 years, due to administrations. On the retail park website, the stores shut down […]