“Sound effects bring stories to life”, this was said by Lawrence Galkott when he gave students at University of Northampton a talk during Changing Features Week. Mr Galcott reiterated the effect of sound effects in a story. He said it brings much needed flavour to a story. “Without sound effects, the story is dry” he […]

How to cover a terrorist attack

Kate Aloncade is one of the Course Leaders in Multimedia Journalism, this Thursday she gave a talk to the journalism students about how to cover a terrorist attack. She explained how Covering terrorism brings its own challenges for media organizations, Journalists and the press have played a double role in covering news. Reporting terrorist attacks […]

Daniel P Carter talks to students about how his love of music became his career.

Students on the ‘Popular Music’ course at the University of Northampton had the opportunity to hear Daniel P Carter, a Radio 1 DJ, speak today. The host of the station’s ‘Rock Show’ visited Avenue Campus as part of the University’s ‘Changing Futures Week 2018’, which aims to showcase industry speakers. Carter, who had recently returned […]

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